About Us

Hello! My name is Rina and I live in the US with my husband Dan.

I was a paper planner addict and then I discovered digital planning and fell in love with it. I created a digital planner for my own use and that’s how MyDigitalPlanners began back in 2019. Since then we’ve had lots of happy customers and our planners have been recommended by GoodNotes on their best digital planners blog and on Shape’s best digital planners article.

Making digital planners and stickers is now my passion and creative outlet and Dan loves the techy aspect of digital planning (new devices and apps etc). Together we created the planner builder which allows you to customize your digital planner and choose things like the planner color, daily & weekly layouts etc and we’re super proud of this!

As many are new to digital planning, I created a free digital planner and free digital stickers for people to try out. I also created a youtube channel to share my digital plan with me videos, along with tips and tutorials. I hope to inspire others to try out digital planning and get creative on their iPads or Android tablets. Check out the video library and follow me on social media for more digital planning inspo and drop me a comment to say hello!

Our other passions include travelling, animals, gaming & binging on Netflix.